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CRUMBS Clothing Co. is luxury brand that caters to anyone that started from the bottom & got it out the mud. Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, CRUMBS Clothing International was established in 2011 & continues to thrive to this day. Focusing on affordable luxury clothing, CRUMBS strives to bring an elegant look to all its supporters without the flair of a ridiculous price tag. The threads are unique, so is the design; so do not expect to find anything like CRUMBS anywhere else. The idea behind the logo is just what the pyramid indicates. In life there is a hierarchy, so stack your chips in order to reach the top. Ultimately, CRUMBS supports those who support themselves. CRUMBS is made for the self made individual. When you feel like a crumb, remember that it is the CRUMBS who make up the whole cake.
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  CRUMBS Clothing features clothing made with premium quality designs & threads. We carry shirts, jackets, hoodies, sweat-shirts & jogging pants all in both men & women's & also in kids sizes. At CRUMBS we seek to suit your needs.


  At CRUMBS, you'll find an unrivaled inventory of apparel. We carry limited edition scarves, socks, hats, bandanas & undergarments, all to meet your fashion needs.


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Please send us your inquiry! Whether it be about a piece of clothing or an exchange for a different size, we'll work with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee assures that we ensure that all of our customers are %100 satisfied!

We offer a 7 day exchange policy. So if you have the wrong size or the wrong order, please notify us via email or simply call in. You have 7 days from the date in which you recieve the item. You will be able to return your "unopened" item for a replacement which will be the correct size or the correct order. All sales are final once the package is opened or after 7 days with no return request.